Take your kids on tour

Child seats & child trailers

If your kids are too small to ride their own bike, we have child seats or trailers

Which type of child seats / trailers do you have?

We have child seats which have to be mounted on the rack of an adults bike. Please verify that the adult bike is capable of holding a child seat (you will find this information in the description of the adult bike).

For taller / heavier kids or teens our tag-along one-wheel bike is ideal. The tag-along can be attached to an adults bike. Please ask us which adult bike is compatible for the tag-along.

Our child trailer can fit 1 or 2 kids and has some storage space.

Do my kids fit on the seat / tag-along bike?

Child seat: age from 1 year to around 3 years. Max body height 100 cm, max weight 20 kg

Tag-along: age from 6 to around 10 years. Body height between 100 cm / 3’3″ and 140 cm / 4’7″. The kids can pedal along, but they don’t have to.

Trailer: age from 1 to 4 years. Max body height 110 cm, max weight 22 kg

Is it good for what I am planning to do?

Good for paved roads: Yes


Good for forest paths: flat Yes


Good for uneven gravel trails: No


Prices and durations child seat / tag-along

Duration in hours Price
1/2 hour
not possible
1 hour CHF 12.-
2 hours CHF 12.-
3 hours CHF 12.-
4 hours CHF 12.-
whole day CHF 12.-

The price for the child seats and tag-along is flat CHF 12.-. This price does not include the adults bike, which carries the child seat / drags the tag-along.

Prices and durations child trailer

Duration in hours Price
1/2 hour
not possible
1 hour not possible
2 hours CHF 20.-
3 hours CHF 25.-
4 hours CHF 30.-
whole day CHF 35.-

The price for the child trailer is dependent from the rental duration. The price does not include the adult bike, which drags the child trailer.

Overnight rentals

Please be aware that “whole day” doesn’t mean 24 hours, but from opening to closing time of our bike center. Rentals over night are possible on request. Once we know if your hotel/hostel does have a safe lockable room for bicycles, overnight rentals are possible.

Do I need a reservation or can I just come by?

Of course you can just come to our shop and try to rent the bike/s you want. We have a huge selection of bicycles and usually we have availability. But it can happen during peak times that the bicycles you need are already rented out. So if you want to play safe, it’s always better to request the desired bicycles.

Enter your request here for all bikes you’d like to rent. We will review it and send you an offer with the exact prices

Bike rental request

Details for the first bike you want to rent

Details for the second bike you want to rent (optional)

Please be aware that not all of our bicycles are available for multi-day rentals. Once we know which type of bike(s) you are requesting we will get back to you.